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Nordics/Nordics Open
Nordics/Nordics Open

Useful information

The Arena
The competitions will be in Borås ice rink. There will be food for sale, like hamburgers and coffee. Then there is a good selection of restaurants nearby

Bags NOT allowed at The Nordics
Based on the raised terror threat level, the Swedish Police Authority has decided to ban bags at major events in Sweden.

Exceptions are made for persons who need to bring a bag into the public event or public gathering for medical reasons and for children’s nappy bags.

You will find many hotel to choose from in Borås. This particular weekend, both the Nordic Figure Skating Championships and the Golden Girl are taking place, which means that some of the hotels are fully booked and the prices are higher than the average.

Borås Camping is an alternative for family and friends with walking distance to the Ice Hall!
Booking is made directly by the accommodation without the involvement of arrangements.
8% discount on cottages & hostels
15% discount on campsites
Can be booked via email info@borascamping.se
Enter the code NMFEB2024

Publicerad: 2023-11-30

Senast uppdaterad: 2024-01-29